Began: April 2004

Finished: December, 2004



In the summer of 2003 a boy named Ian Revell fell in love with a girl named Elizabeth Fearon. From this initial dynamic attraction the artistic team of Fearon Revell Projects was born.

Fearon Revell Projects is meant to operate as an umbrella for artist initiated projects. Our aim is to work modestly, internationally, to create new intersections and interactions between art and people.

Our inaugural project, Poster, is based in Seoul, South Korea. We have invited several Canadian artists to create black and white photocopiable posters. Over a five month period these posters will be featured simultaneously on the streets of Seoul and on our web site. The Web presence is meant to document the "actual" project.

Our intention with this project is very simple. We want to put images into the public domain that are not advertisements. People will consciously and subconsciously view the poster images responding to the ephemeral, linguistic, and non linguistic messages as they slowly deteriorate. Much like conceptual cut flowers in an urban oasis.

Elizabeth Fearon & Ian Revell

Seoul, South Korea, April 5, 2004.

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